Other Injuries or Losses

John Wakelin has dealt with a variety of complex cases involving both loss or injury for over 25 years. We have obtained compensation for injuries ranging from anxiety, depression, and behavioural changes to pain killer and substance abuse problems. We have obtained compensation for everything from dog bites to slipping on muddy pathway.

If you are injured on private or public property and feel that another party was negligent in causing your injury, you may be right. REMEMBER TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE HAZARD THAT CAUSED YOUR INJURY IMMEDIATELY (BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE SCENE OR AS SOON AS YOU CAN, PREFERABLY THE SAME DAY BEFORE IT IS CLEANED UP OR REPAIRED)

Many of our clients need personal assistance and a variety of expert medical assessments that OHIP may not provide to correctly diagnose and treat their orthopaedic injuries. We provide support from start to finish of the case, ensuring that our clients have a team of medical and legal professionals who will ensure both their medical and economic recovery.

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